Posted by michaelgoldsmith on Jul 31, 2019
Alan Weiss Sealing The Deal

Alan Weiss Sealing The Deal

Alan Weiss Sealing The Deal

In response to popular demand, I’m designing and delivering a one-day workshop designed to help you create and master the dramatic, action-oriented language that creates conceptual agreement with buyers.
You will emerge:
Having engaged in role-plays (if you don’t want to practice and be critiqued then this isn’t the program for you) that hone your language and persuasion.

Having learned the precise meanings of objectives, measures of success, and value, and how to elicit them from the buyer.
Having practiced on case studies and “live” instances from your practice.
Having prepared for upcoming meetings with prospects.
With the ability to drive a conversation with an economic buyer toward your objectives for the meeting.
With the ability to engage in one meeting with a buyer and gather everything you need to create a proposal which can be presented within 24 hours.

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